Laura Reyda, LAC, LMT


Acupuncture is a successful treatment for a variety of conditions. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, depression, or other issues, we can give you the treatment that's right for you. Acupuncture is not painful; in fact, many patients experience symptom relief after their first session.

Acupuncture for a variety of issues

Know what to do before your appointment

•  Ear, Nose, and throat disorders

•  Respiratory and circulatory disorders

•  Gastrointestinal disorders

•  Urogenital and gynecological disorders

•  Musculoskeletal disorders

•  Psycho-emotional and neurological disorders

At your appointment, wear loose clothing and do not seek treatment if you are fatigued, hungry, full, emotionally upset, or after sex.  


Acupuncture is not painful and is extremely safe when conducted by an experienced practitioner. If you have questions before or during your treatment, just ask.

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