Laura Reyda, LAC, LMT

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Bringing healthcare and more to Peru

through Project Buena Vista

As the founders of Project Buena Vista, Laura and Florian Reyda bring their passion and dedication to rain forest conservation to the forefront of conservation efforts, having been involved in this area of Peru since 1995 when they visited Manu as university students. Buena Vista is a 100 acre property in the Manu Biosphere Reserve in southeastern Peru and provides educational opportunities and healthcare to students.

The benefits of Project Buena Vista

Join Project Buena Vista today

•  Rain forest conservation

•  Healthcare and medical outreach

•  Educational opportunities

•  "Living laboratory" for university biology students

•  Healthcare to local people of the rain forest


If you want to get involved in one of the most authentic conservation projects around, contact Laura Reyda to become a part of the adventure and learn firsthand about why saving this habitat is so important.


Laura is also a provider of the New York Soars program, which supports those with addictions. Click to visit the Friends of Recovery website.

If you want to become a part of the incredible conservation efforts of Project Buena Vista, contact Laura Reyda today.

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